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Joe Martinez

Joe Martinez - Live Guitars, Additional Roles

Joe Martinez (May 13, 1977) is a live guitarist for B.S.P. and fills additional roles in the studio.

Joe Martinez joined B.S.P. in 2016 after his music project and band, Another Way Out, took a hiatus.

His involvement with B.S.P. goes back to Destination : Oblivion, where he was a guitarist from 2006 to 2011.  As bandmates, Joe and Brandon experimented with a few ideas and discussed them, eventually bringing them to the table with Destination : Oblivion.

After departing from the band, Joe would get to work with his own material, and eventually start playing his songs with a live band.

As the hiatus came for Another Way Out, Joe and Brandon communicated and eventually started playing shows together with B.S.P. in mind.  He was officially announced after a few shows.

Joe can be found writing new ideas for Another Way Out currently, along with creating new potential ideas and other things with B.S.P. recordings.  His personal life is more of a mystery, perhaps intentionally.

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