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Cole Powelson

Cole Powelson - Bass Guitar, Additional Roles

Cole Powelson (February 24, 1995) is the live bassist for B.S.P. and fills additional roles in the studio.

Cole and Brandon met through a mutual enjoyment of video games.  After a couple months of gaming, Cole was openly invited to go see a local show, of which B.S.P. would be performing at.  After the performance, he expressed a significant amount of interest in playing music with the project, and in the two weeks leading up to another show B.S.P. would be performing, he learned two thirds of the set on bass guitar.

He would be announced shortly after as the bassist.

Cole in his spare time can be found playing video games on Playstation and Steam, or listening to a variety of metal bands on vinyl.  He has also contributed ideas to B.S.P. including new ideas and reworking older material for future releases.

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